Concordia Lutheran Church, located in Lakewood, Colorado, is a congregation focused on sharing God’s message of love for all.  We believe, teach, and respond to the love of the Triune God: the Father, Son (Jesus Christ), and Holy Spirit.  We believe that all people are sinful and if left to their own devices will be lost forever.  Yet by grace through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ, God has provided salvation for all people, and now empowers us by His Spirit to love, serve, and share this Good News with others. Worship is the heart of what we do, and we offer two Sunday morning worship services.  Our first service at 8:15 a.m., is a traditional liturgical style of worship featuring hymns, choir, and handbells.  Our second service at 10:30 a.m., is a contemporary style of worship featuring contemporary music, modernized hymns, and a full band.  We believe connections and relationships are vital to being a vibrant church.  We have children’s ministries, youth ministries for junior high and senior high, post high school – pre-30s group, and various adult ministries.  We believe that missions, both in and with our community and the larger world, are part of Christ’s command to us as evidenced by our work in Haiti, local human services, tutoring, and more.  In addition, we also have a vibrant preschool and kindergarten that provides a Christ-centered learning environment to help each child build a positive relationship with God and others. 

Praise Team Leader


The Praise Team Leader is responsible for leading the congregation, Praise Team Band, and volunteer vocalists at Concordia’s 10:30 am contemporary praise worship service each Sunday.  The Praise Team Leader, in coordination with the pastor(s), selects music appropriate for the service and theme of the day, prepares the charts for instrumentalists and singers, and conducts rehearsals with the Praise Team Band and Vocalists prior to the 10:30 am service each week.  The Praise Team Leader is also responsible for recruiting volunteer vocalists and professional instrumentalists for the Praise Team Band.  Additionally, the Praise Team Leader coordinates with the AV team and the Director of Communication to provide the text of songs for screen projection and to ensure appropriate amplification and sound balance for worship services. The Praise Team Leader must be organized, passionate, self-motivated, and progressively-minded!


The Praise Team Leader is supervised by the pastor with the assistance and support of the Board of Elders.


  • ●   Bachelor’s degree in music field, or two years equivalent experience.
  • ●   Personal commitment of faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord with a passion and love for worship.
  • ●   Demonstrate an understanding of Biblical theology.
  • ●   Demonstrate ability to foster congregational singing.
  • ●   Experience in directing praise bands and contemporary vocal groups.
  • ●   Knowledge of current praise music and best practices in contemporary worship.
  • ●   Ability to relate to professional and volunteer musicians to help them bring out their best in performance and to develop their musical gifts.
  • ●   Ability to use spiritual leadership to establish a sense of community among the Praise Team professional and volunteer musicians.
  • ●   Ability to find, transpose, and transcribe music to meet the needs of the service theme, congregation, Praise Team Band, and volunteer singers.
  • ●   Commitment to team ministry.
  • ●   Strong organization and communication skills.



  • ●   Work with the pastor(s) to select appropriate music for the 10:30 am service.
  • ●   Purchase music and permissions as needed for the Praise Team, working with the Director of Communications, Treasurer, and the Board of Elders within the available budget (The Praise Team Leader should discuss any need for additional funds with the Board of Elders).
  • ●   Write/arrange music as needed for the Praise Team.
  • ●   Communicate music selections in advance of rehearsals, providing music and charts in advance to professional and volunteer musicians as appropriate.
  • ●   Conduct rehearsals with the Praise Team Band and volunteer vocalists prior to the service each week and at other times as needed.
  • ●   Provide appropriate feedback to professional and volunteer musicians during rehearsals to ensure high-quality performances at the 10:30 am worship service.
  • ●   Work collaboratively with and maintain a high level of organization and communication between the pastor(s), Praise Team Band, volunteer vocalists, AV team, and Director of Communications to avoid miscommunication and ensure smooth execution of the musical portion of the 10:30 am worship service.


  • ●   Recruit and retain volunteer singers and musicians to audition and perform as part of the Praise Team.
  • ●   Recruit, audition, and retain professional musicians as Praise Team Band members, establish performance expectations, and ensure adequate coverage during approved absences (work with Board of Elders to establish contracts).
  • ●   Recruit a substitute Praise Team Leader for approved absences.
  • ●   Supervise the Praise Team Band, the praise team volunteers, and the A/V team, addressing issues relating to the contemporary service.
  • ●   Develop strategies with the pastor(s) to engage attending believers as well as nonbelievers in the singing of praise.
  • ●   Introduce the Praise Team and congregation to new praise songs on a regular basis.
  • ●   Embrace leading praise worship trends to position Concordia as a leader in Christ-centered contemporary worship, working with the pastor(s), AV team, and congregation as appropriate.
  • ●   Identify and attend workshops on contemporary worship to maintain and enhance Praise Team Leadership skills, seeking approval and reimbursement of workshop fees from the Board of Elders.
  • ●   Identify opportunities to engage young people in music in the worship service.
  • ●   Maintain a library of praise music, as appropriate, seeking volunteers for assistance as needed.
  • ●   Provide input to the Trustees regarding decisions around the acquisition and modification of the AV system.

Salary and Application

The Praise Team Leader salary is $9,000 - $12,000 per year, according to education and experience. A final amount will be expressed in a formal job offer and contract. The position is salaried, and requires 8-10 hours per week.

About Concordia Lutheran Church

Concordia Lutheran Church has been serving the community of Lakewood, Colorado (a suburb of Denver) for more than 54 years. The congregation focuses on sharing God’s message of love for all by connecting with people through missions and ministries in the congregation, community, and world. For more details, see WHAT WE BELIEVE.

***To apply for the position, please send your resume along with an audio or video sample of yourself singing or leading worship to .