"A New Start for a New Year" - What new start are you longing for in the New Year?

"Oppression, Mercy, Redemption...Oh, My"

December 31

Pastor Gregg McCaslin 

"Whom God Chooses"

January 7

Pastor Gregg McCaslin 

"Salvation Through Judgment" 

January 14

Pastor Gregg McCaslin 

"Faithful to the Faithless" 

January 21

Pastor Gregg McCaslin

"You Can't Get Blood from a Turnip, but You Can Get Water from a Rock" 

January 28

Pastor Gregg McCaslin 

"The Why Behind the Why" 

February 4

Pastor Gregg McCaslin

"Welcome to the Neighborhood!" 

February 11

Pastor Gregg McCaslin 


"It Sounds Like Christmas" - The sounds, sights, rush, and chaos of Christmas are everywhere, but as Jesus said, "few things are needed- or indeed only one." Don't let it be taken from you. 

"Gratitude: It's More Than An Attitude" - While there is much to be said for having an "attitude of gratitude", there is so much more that goes into it! 

“Sola: What Matters Most” –  Christ Alone, Faith Alone, Grace Alone, Sripture Alone, to God Alone be the Glory.

“Construction Project” – we are all under construction, but thankfully we are part of God's creation!

“Vibrant Living” – what does it mean to be a vibrant Lutheran community? How can we practice vibrant living in our homes? 

“Rethink Religion” – what is your faith life all about?

“Transformers” – is about the transformation that God makes in our lives.

"Generouse Grace" –Following Jesus' Example of Generousity During Lent.

"A New Beginning" –Focusing on the opening chapters of the book of Acts, describing the new beginning in the new faith community following Jesus’ ascension.