Sunday with David Hodel

January 2

 David Hodel

It’s been said that movies are modern day parables because of their ability to convey moral or religious principles.  Meaning that not only can movies move us to tears and make us laugh, but they can even teach us larger truths.  This Advent and Christmas season we’ll be looking at some Christmas movies that will get us thinking and point us to the larger truth of Christmas.


A Charlie Brown Christmas

December 25

 Pastor Gregg McCaslin

Home Alone

December 26

 Pastor Gregg McCaslin

It's A Wonderful Life

December 19

 Pastor Gregg McCaslin

 A Christmas Story

December 24

 Pastor Gregg McCaslin

A Christmas Carol

December 5

 Pastor Gregg McCaslin

 Christmas Vacation

December 12

 Pastor Gregg McCaslin

Thanksgiving Eve Worship

November 24

The Nightmare Before Christmas

November 28

 Pastor Gregg McCaslin

 Pastor Gregg McCaslin