Tasks of Sponsors and Parents/Guardians

Willingness to:
Confess the Faith: trust in the triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in whose name this child is to be baptized.


PRAY for him/her often

REMIND him/her of his/her Baptism, that he/she is a child of God

RAISE him/her in the true knowledge and worship of God by:

·      Teaching him/her the Ten Commandments,

·      Teaching him/her the Creed

·      Teaching him/her the Lord’s Prayer

·      Placing in his/her hands the Holy Scripture

·      Bringing him/her to Worship

·      Teaching him/her the Christian faith

              ·      at home: talk, study, pray, worship together

              ·      at church: Sunday School, Catechism, Confirmation, Youth Group, etc.

·      Bringing him/her to the Lord’s Supper to receive Christ’s Body and Blood

·      Teaching him/her to participate in God’s mission, using his/her gifts to bring the love of God to all people.

·      Setting an example in all these areas.


All of this is done so that in living out his/her life in his/her baptismal grace and in close association with the Church, he/she may grow up to lead a godly life to the praise and honor of Jesus Christ.